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Recreation and Leisure
Recreation & Leisure
Elburn does not have a park district. If the residents decide to form a park district, it would be a separate entity from the Village of Elburn with its own board, hiring, and spending authority.There are several recreational opportunities in and around Elburn. View the list below:
  • American Legion Post 630
    • Ph: 630-365-6530
  • Campton United Soccer Club
  • Elburn baseball and softball
  • Elburn basketball
  • Elburn Boy Scout Troop 7
  • Elburn Cub Scout Pack 107
  • Elburn Leos
  • Elburn Lions
  • Fox Valley Girl Scouts
  • 4-H clubs
  • Fox River Radio League
  • Fox Valley Wildlife Center
  • Hughes Creek Golf Course
  • Kane County Cougars
  • Kane County DOT bicycle path maps
  • Kane County forest preserves
  • High school sports at Kaneland
  • Kaneland KYSO soccer
  • Kaneland Youth Football League
  • Northern Illinois University Huskie athletics
  • Tri-City Chargers youth football
  • Tri-City Soccer Association
  • Town and Country Library
  • Waubonsee Community College athletics
  • Village of Elburn festivals
  • Village of Elburn Fishing
    • We allow fishing in any of our retention basins
  • Village of Elburn Ice Skating at Prairie Park
    • Watch for red or green flags
  • Village of Elburn Shopping
    • Shop Elburn first!
  • In July, 2015 the Village Board went into an agreement with the Batavia Park District to make its programs, services and amenities available to residents of the Village by cost effective means.  The Park District desires to serve more residents in the Village of Elburn while also respecting and protecting the tax payers within its own corporate limits.

    The Village residents are eligible to purchase “Household Memberships” in the Park District that will enable all members of the Household to participate in Park District programs and use Park District facilities at “in-district” rates.  The price of a *Household Membership for a Household for the first year of this agreement (i.e., from the effective date through September 30, 2016) is $320.00.  A “Household” is defined as a social unit composed of those living together in the same dwelling unit as permitted by the Village Code of the Village of Elburn.  A Household Membership extends the benefit of in-district pricing to all members of the household. The cost of a Household Membership may be pro-rated using a 12 month basis.  

    For information about programs, services and amenities that the Batavia Park District offers please visit: https://www.bataviaparks.org/.  When signing up please mention that you are interested in a household membership and then you will be eligible for “in-district” rates.

    *The yearly price of the Household Membership is determined using the current average net taxable value of an average home within the corporate limits of the Batavia Park District, multiplied by the latest determined Park District tax rate, rounded to the nearest $5.00 increment.  For example, at the time of this agreement, the Net Taxable value of an average home in the corporate limits of the Batavia Park District is $55,361.00, multiplied by the District Tax Rate (including taxes levied for special recreation programs) of 0.005765 = 319.17, which is then rounded up to $320.00.  

    Elburn Intergovernmental Agreement FAQ

    Q. What is the purpose of having an agreement with Elburn?  

    A. Elburn currently doesn’t have a park district, and their residents are looking for recreational opportunities. Creating this partnership will allow Elburn residents to purchase a membership with the Batavia Park District to receive resident rates.

    Q. What does this mean to a Batavia Park District tax payer?

    A. This agreement in no way effects the Batavia tax payer. Elburn residents can purchase a membership at a rate that is the equivalent to what a Batavia resident pays in taxes. This allows them to pay the resident rent for Batavia Park District programs, events, Quarry season passes, and rentals.

    Q. When can Elburn residents purchase the membership?

    A. Effective immediately

    Q. How much is a membership? 

    A. $320 per year, per household

    Q. When does the membership expire?

    A. One year from the date of purchase.

    Q. Can Elburn residents sign up any time of the year?

    A. Yes, there is no open enrollment period. You are welcome to sign up for a membership any time of the year. Your membership expires one year from date of enrollment.

    Q. How does someone go about purchasing a membership?

    A. Elburn residents must purchase a membership in person at the Civic Center, 327 W. Wilson St., or at the Eastside Community Center, 14 N. Van Buren St. A form will be available for you to fill out, and then you’ll simply pay by cash, check, or credit card. Please be prepared to show proof of residency in the form of a tax bill or driver’s license.

    Q. Can Elburn residents take advantage of inclusion services through Fox Valley Special Recreation Association? 

    A. Yes! Please give us a call at 630-879-5235 to speak to a Customer Relations Advisor.

    Q. How can Elburn residents receive more information about Batavia Park District programs and events? 

    A. Head to the District’s website at www.bataviaparks.org to browse the current “Fun Guide”, which has a detailed list of offerings! Throughout the year, the District will also send you information electronically or via mail. Also, be sure to like the District’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bataviaparkdistrict to stay up-to-date on news and events!

    Additional Information
    If you don't see your non-profit recreational or civic group here, please give us a call at 630-365-5062.